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AirWatch networks extraction technologies even where no IT network is available

Vreden, October 17, 2018 – Detailed evidence of workshop air quality down into the nano range: AirWatch is setting new standards for the networking of air purification technology equipment in production workshops. KEMPER's advanced air monitoring system can be integrated into environments where there is an inadequate digital infrastructure, without interfering with corporate networks. It analyzes the actual amount of ultrafine dust particles. By connecting to an internet-based cloud, different users can monitor the systems via fleet management.

AirWatch is the key tool for small and medium-sized companies that want to achieve digital added value for extraction technology, explains Björn Kemper, Managing Director of KEMPER GmbH: "Many production environments do not have adequate digital infrastructures. Even with no available network, AirWatch can quickly establish autonomous machine-to-machine communications." The AirWatch solution eliminates the need for any investment in additional infrastructure. This is also crucial for companies that want to avoid additional intrusions into their own networks, to prevent potential data risks.

Autonomous communication thanks to mobile technology

The self-sufficient functionality is made possible by integrated mobile radio technology. KEMPER is currently equipping all the relevant equipment and devices in its portfolio with it. The central control element is the internet-based cloud. It networks all the devices with each other.

AirWatch has a highly sensitive sensor to ensure that machine-to-machine communication operates efficiently. It can even detect ultrafine dust particles that are smaller than 0.3 microns. Extraction and ventilation systems are controlled as required on the basis of specified workplace thresholds. 

"By automating OSH processes, we can increase production efficiency by allowing employees to focus on their primary tasks," explains Kemper. Machine-to-machine communication makes demand-driven operation of the plant possible, promoting energy efficiency.

Location-independent monitoring, mobile or on a PC

The air monitoring system also delivers continuous dust concentration values to the cloud management system to which it is linked. These can be monitored, regardless of location, via a web browser on a smartphone, tablet or PC. The multi-level management system allows customizable fleet management that can be accessed as required by companies, dealers, service providers and manufacturers.

AirWatch displays the readings as an absolute quantity of particles and their distribution according to size, but also calculates very precise weight-based values that are still relevant for today's threshold values. "This gives the decision-makers in production a detailed picture of the air quality, how it develops during the production process and the benefits of extraction technology," says Kemper.

Businesses can make workshop air quality data transparent for production employees using a traffic light visualization. "Our air monitoring system generates awareness for the value of clean ambient air and has, thereby, a positive effect in terms of staff loyalty and recruitment," says Kemper. Thanks to the new sensor technology employed in this advanced system, it records not only particle concentration, but also temperature and humidity values.

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