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Boom for extraction systems in the UK: Welding companies trust in KEMPER

Vreden (Germany), 11 March, 2019 – KEMPER records extraordinarily high growth in Great Britain. The demand for effective extraction systems has increased significantly since the introduction of stricter health and safety regulations in February. The background is the reclassification of welding fumes: According to this, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) no longer only assesses hazardous substances from stainless steel welding, but also from mild steel welding as carcinogenic. The occupational health and safety organisation therefore even prescribes that an air fed welding helmet must be worn when welding outdoors. Due to the new requirements, many welding companies rely on high-quality extraction technology. "KEMPER has the world's broadest portfolio of extraction systems for protection against carcinogenic welding smoke," says Björn Kemper, Chairman of the KEMPER Management Board. All KEMPER mobile systems, from the basic to the high-end extraction unit, have W3 approval. With certification by the German Institute for Occupational Safety, these extraction systems are also suitable for capturing carcinogenic welding fumes. "In the context of constantly tightening occupational safety regulations, companies worldwide are gaining legal certainty through the use of KEMPER technology". Even the cleaned air can be returned to production with such systems. Central extraction systems from KEMPER are also W3-certified.



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