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Cutting system optimisation: That is why the right extraction table is so important


„If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly.” With high investment costs of modern cutting systems with decisions between expensive lasers and the latest technologies, an investor may lose sight of the overall concept. It‘s the little things that cause big problems - both in terms of occupational safety and the quality of the end product. KEMPER OEM specialist Carsten Trentau, who knows all facets of an optimal cutting system, knows why a defective cutting table can end up causing a lot of trouble.

„Often only the price per square metre counts with cutting tables“, knows Carsten Trentau from experience with potential customers. „But that is the wrong approach.” Low-priced tables are often simple constructions that meet neither the requirements of a modern cutting process nor the occupational health and safety guidelines.
The result is a lack of cutting quality of the components with sometimes considerable post-processing effort. Therefore, an expensive cutting system is often only as good as its weakest component. „Naturally, the focus of such a large investment is on far more expensive elements“, confirms Trentau. „But many people don‘t know that quality starts with the right extraction table.”


  • „In other words, a larger extraction system is required and therefore higher investment costs are the consequence.“ 


But what characteristics must an extraction table have to justify a higher price per square metre?“ A modern extraction table is a well-designed product that starts with simple assembly and alignment and ends with fast, uncomplicated and environmentally friendly cleaning“, says Trentau. „This can also be done automatically, for example, with automatic discharge systems such as the Slagger from KEMPER.” Wearing parts, such as the material support, can be replaced easily and without problems thanks to the EasyFrame design. „KEMPER also provides documentation on request, so that users can manufacture and replace a worn material support themselves“, emphasises the OEM expert. „In this way users react flexibly and save running costs at the same time.” High manufacturing quality, precision and robustness ensure that the extraction table can withstand the hard thermal and mechanical stresses. Simple designs tend to warp with negative effects on cutting quality and repeatability of the workpieces. 


The relationship between table and extraction system

The size does matter - at least when it comes to segments. Here it is very advantageous if they are smaller – just like with the KEMPER extraction tables. „Although they are perhaps slightly more expensive compared to larger segments of up to 1000 mm. However, many people forget that the larger a segment is, the more powerful the extraction performance must be“, explains Trentau. „In other words, a larger extraction system is required and therefore higher investment costs are the consequence. In addition, such a system also consumes considerably more energy and compressed air, so that the running costs are higher.” However, the exhaust flaps also play a major role. The better they seal after closing, the lower the leakage. This also saves energy costs as no additional extraction power is required. A well-thought-out surface extraction system is highly efficient and separates for the filter system dangerous sparks already at the point of origin. 


  • „Often only the price per square metre counts with cutting tables.“


The KEMPER portfolio as a total solution concept

As Head of Sales OEM at KEMPER, Carsten Trentau explains the advantages of high-quality cutting tables in combination with a suitable filter system for all CNC cutting machine manufacturers. What convinced him at KEMPER right from the start? „The entire portfolio that the company offers“, reveals Trentau, who has been working for the company since summer 2019. As a full-range supplier of filter systems and extraction tables, KEMPER offers individually configurable solutions for laser cutting, plasma cutting and oxyfuel cutting. „The extraction tables and filter systems are perfectly matched and available in almost any format for materials up to 300 mm“, says Trentau, summarising the offer. The extensive KEMPER portfolio also enables interesting OEM-specific solutions such as the different control options for the extraction flaps. „Whether mechanical, electronic or via a bus system - KEMPER offers the right option.“  

KEMPER offers interesting retrofit packages for customers with existing plants. „So, if you take one euro more in your hand beforehand, you will save one or two more afterwards“, he sums up the importance of a qualitative extraction table.

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