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Direct extraction of welding fumes: KEMPER presents new VacuFil products

Vreden/Stuttgart, September 20, 2019 - More effective and closer to the weld seam than ever before: At the Blechexpo 2019, KEMPER will focus on torch extraction for welding applications. The focus is on the new VacuFil product family for mobile extraction devices at individual workstations. With six different versions, KEMPER is anticipating a new standardization process currently under discussion. In addition, the manufacturer will be showing a modular retrofittable high-performance filter at entry-level conditions.

"Welding fumes can only be effectively extracted by capturing them directly at their source," stresses Björn Kemper, Chairman of the Management Board of KEMPER GmbH. "This is ensured by our new torch-integrated VacuFil extraction solutions and the automatic adjustment to different welding torch requirements thanks to their convenient handling".

Torch-integrated extraction for industrial use
The VacuFil series is compatible with all common extraction torches and is suitable for permanent industrial applications with large quantities of welding fumes. Because international standards will require higher extraction capacities in future, KEMPER has already categorised the new family of mobile high-vacuum extraction units into different line classes.

Accordingly, three basic analog variants and three digital solutions with extraction capacities of 125, 140 and 200 m³/h will be available at the end of 2019. While in the basic variants welders can manually regulate the extraction performance, the digital versions adjust the required air volume flow fully automatically.

Automatic power regulation like cruise control
"Like a cruise control in a car, our digital VacuFil solutions regulate the required performance based on the individual welding conditions," explains Kemper. "We have thus developed a unique system that takes different parameters, such as burner output, into account. “ 

Welders intuitively select the respective welding torch via touch display and the unit automatically adjusts the air volume flow on the basis of the parameters stored in the unit. During product development, KEMPER has built up a database with the individual performance characteristics of different welding torches. A volume flow measurement permanently adjusts the required output. The KEMPER cloud delivers updates for the various performance parameters directly to the device.

All variants are mobile and can be used for single welding applications. The basic version with an air volume flow of 200 m³/h also has two connection pipes and can therefore be used by two welders simultaneously.

Modular filter system for easy retrofitting
In addition to the new burner-integrated extraction system, KEMPER presents a cost-effective filter solution for extraction installations that previously did not require an effective filter for separating hazardous substances. The filter medium integrated in a compact housing can be easily retrofitted behind the relevant detection elements. The solution also enables contamination-free replacement of the disposable filter, which with its 42 square meters has the largest filter surface in its class on the market.

"This means that companies can return the cleaned air to the hall and do not have to direct it outside. With this simple option, they not only ensure clean indoor air, but also save energy costs, especially in winter," says Kemper. 


KEMPER will present its new extraction and filter solutions for the metalworking industry from 5 to 8 November 2019 at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart - Hall 7, Stand 7112.

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