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DVS relies on the occupational safety know-how of KEMPER GmbH

Vreden, 14 August 2019 - The German Association for Welding and Allied Processes e.V. (DVS) will increasingly rely on the occupational safety know-how of KEMPER GmbH in the future. From January 2020, Björn Kemper, Chairman of the Management Board of KEMPER GmbH, will be a new member of the DVS Executive Committee. He was recently elected to the committee as a representative of industry.

The term of office runs for four years until the end of 2023. Kemper wants to push ahead with the modernisation of the association in order to better align it to future challenges. In addition, he would like to strengthen the relevance of occupational safety topics: "Against the background of the shortage of skilled workers, clean production environments will be a decisive factor for the success of our industry in the future". As a member of the Executive Committee, Kemper wanted to support the DVS member companies in protecting their employees.

Meanwhile, Manfred Könning, Technical Director of KEMPER GmbH, has been appointed Deputy Chairman of the DVS Technical Committee FA Q6 "Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection". As of November, the air pollution control expert will succeed Jürgen Gleim of 3M. Together with the other committee members, Könning accompanies current developments and activities for occupational safety such as guidelines, standardization and technical regulations.

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