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From production employee to sales representative: An employee story about Timo Slütter

Timo Sluetter in focus

Taking advantage of opportunities, achieving new goals and growing in the face of new challenges - this is a basic virtue for many employees. This is also true for Timo Slütter, who wrote his own little story at KEMPER.  The trained electronics technician joined the company last summer as a production employee and is now - six months later - going one step further: With immediate effect Timo Slütter is joining the sales field service team. How he benefits from his practical knowledge, how grateful he is for the appreciation of the company and what goal he is pursuing in his new position, the new Sales Representative DACH tells in an interview.

For 20 years you have been working as an electronics engineer. You have been with KEMPER for half a year and now you work in sales. Was it your plan right from the start? 
It wasn't my plan, although I had always been attracted to working in sales. My father is also active in this field. Maybe that was also a reason to take the chance. I felt comfortable with my previous work, but now I just wanted to take on a new challenge. So I responded to the job advertisement from KEMPER, which was posted on the Social Intranet.

And what happened after the application?
At first I wasn't even sure if anything would come back - which wouldn't have been too bad. But of course I was all the more pleased when Sales Manager Andreas Effing approached me and asked me to talk to him. Afterwards things went surprisingly fast. I had another interview and then started on my new job on 1 January 2020. Since then, I have internalized the working methods of both office and field sales.



  • "There are always opportunities to do something - you just have to tackle them."



How do you feel about the switch from production to sales? Was the change difficult for you?
They are two different worlds - no question. But I rather think that I benefit a lot from my experience in production. I know all the equipment and know how it works and how it is set up.  This helps enormously when advising partners and users. Now I can go into the field with a clear conscience, because I know the quality of the KEMPER devices. If this were not the case, I could not sell the devices.

And your pragmatic resume? 
That also helps me a lot. I'm someone who can get to work and as an electrician for years, nobody can fool me professionally. I might approach things differently than, for example, a commercial sales representative and bring a different perspective and approach with me. I was able to prove in my old position that I can advise people well because of my positive attitude. If you ask your colleagues, they will be able to confirm this (laughs). I am sure that I will bring a breath of fresh air to the east of Germany.

Why there in particular?
Because that is where I will be working. So our customers in the region will have a contact person who can help and mediate quickly and flexibly on site. The proximity to our partners and customers is important. "We are there!" That is currently our motto in this situation. 

You’re speaking of the current situation. For you as a field service employee, the current Corona restrictions are probably suboptimal. How are you dealing with it?
I'm sitting on hot coals and I really want to get started. I make good use of the time and familiarise myself further in all areas. Of course, the current situation is not optimal. There are always possibilities to do something (e.g. via social media like LinkedIn) - you just have to tackle them.



  • "I might approach things differently than a commercial sales representative and bring a different perspective and approach with me."


So you're not going to let yourself get upset?
On the contrary: challenges motivate me. Now I want to show that I can repay the appreciation I have shown. I am now responsible for my own success and will do my best. I'm really up for it - I don't think I need to say any more.

Would you call it the "KEMPER-Dream"?
Personally, yes. (laughs) But that would mean that I've ascended, even though I've just taken a different direction. The people in production are doing a really good job and I'd go back any time. For me it's a chance to reorient myself. Maybe I wouldn't have got it anywhere else.

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