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KEMPER is growing: 2018 has been the most successful year in the company’s history

Vreden, 05 February 2019 – KEMPER GmbH continues on its growth course. 2018 became the most successful financial year in the company's history. For the first time, the manufacturer of extraction units and filter systems surpassed the sales mark of 40 million euros. KEMPER boosted sales of central filter systems by more than 25 percent compared to 2017. With the continuous digitalisation of its portfolio, the manufacturer wants to meet the increasing demand for effective occupational safety.

"The past financial year has set another exclamation mark behind the development of KEMPER in recent years”, emphasises Björn Kemper, CEO of KEMPER GmbH. "The fact that we have once again managed to increase our sales to an extremely high level is proof of the increasing demand for intelligent occupational safety solutions in the metal processing sector."


Sales doubled since 2010

KEMPER once again increased its sales with a 13 percent jump in sales compared to 2017. With a total turnover of more than 40 million euros, the manufacturer recorded the best year in the company's history in terms of revenues.

Over the past eight years, KEMPER has even managed to double its turnover – an outstanding development in an industry that is characterised by rather moderate growth rates. The family-owned company intends to build on this trend and increase its sales by half of its current level by 2025.


Increasing demand for filter systems

While Germany remained KEMPER's most important sales market for extraction technology, the European markets of the Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain in particular contributed to the company's growth in 2018. KEMPER's project business grew: Compared to 2017, sales of extraction plants and filter systems grew by 25 percent.

The shortage of skilled workers is one of the main drivers behind the development of KEMPER. "This gives the issue of occupational health and safety new relevance in manufacturing companies,” says Frederic Lanz, new CEO of Marketing & Sales at KEMPER. “Effective extraction technology means companies that use high-quality technology such as ours are signalling that the health of their employees is important to them.”

By further digitalising its portfolio, the company aims to create added value for its customers. In 2019, KEMPER is bringing new IoT-compatible solutions to market readiness. The company will present these solutions at all important trade fairs in Switzerland and abroad – the next one is at BLE.CH in Berne from 5th–7th of March.


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