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Clouds of smoke, welding smoke and dust - poor air quality in your workshop?

The personal protective equipment protects the operators. Protect the health of you employees with our Push/Pull Systems.

In some work environments conventional point suction units are not sufficient or difficult to use, e.g. at:

• large workplaces
• changing welding positions, or
• spacious workplaces

Here our Push/Pull Systems will help to protect the health of your employees and keep the air clean in your workshop.

The suction pipes extract the contaminated air at a height of 4-6 meters (Pull). The air is filtered and directed to the air outlet pipes on the opposite side (Push). Here, the purified air is blown towards suction pipes.

This creates a constant, horizontal airflow above the workstations that reduces (receives) the welding smoke between suction pipe and air outlet. Thus, no floating particle layer of dust and smoke (cloud of smoke) forms in your workshop.

Push/Pull Systems can be customized for any room size.

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