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Personalised assistance systems: KEMPER researches digital work


Vreden, 17 December 2019 - Actively shaping the future of work in a digitalised professional world: With this goal in mind, KEMPER GmbH is participating in the joint project PersonA. The participating organisations from science and industry are researching the practical use of personalised assistance systems such as VR or AR glasses. The aim is to develop a privacy management system. By means of so-called wearables, KEMPER wants to develop digital added value first in service and later in production.

"The future of work is digital, there is no doubt about that for us at KEMPER", says Björn Kemper, CEO of KEMPER GmbH. "In order to increase the acceptance of digital assistance systems in the workforce, we must start thinking about the practical and legal design right now".

Practical application scientifically accompanied

Against this background, KEMPER has successfully applied to participate in the PersonA joint project. The manufacturer is part of a project consortium from science and industry. In addition to KEMPER, the University of Bochum, the University of Bremen, the nextpractice Institute for Complexity and Change gGmbH and the medium-sized companies Ubimax GmbH and WS System GmbH are participating. Over a period of more than two years, the project participants are researching the use of digital, personalised assistance systems under scientific supervision.
KEMPER will determine in practice what kind of personal assistance can be used in service processes. The project started in September. A main focus is on the legally compliant data collection and processing by wearables as well as the acceptance of employees through self-determined use. The aim of the joint project is to create a privacy management system for personalized assistance systems.

Networking production, optimizing service

With the future use of digital assistance systems, KEMPER wants to increase efficiency in after-sales service and later develop added value for its company processes. For example, service assignments could become even more efficient through the use of AR glasses. In addition, KEMPER wants to use the systems to better network the two production sites in Vreden and near Prague. The PersonA joint project is part of the "Future of Work: Medium-sized Businesses - Innovative and Social" funding programme and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund.

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