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Safe and sound: KEMPERbeats takes welding fume extraction to a new level

Vreden/Stuttgart, 19th November, 2019 Switch on your smartphone, connect to the extraction hood via Bluetooth and hear your personal playlist while you work: KEMPERbeats ensures employee motivation and health protection at the same time during welding. KEMPER has developed an extraction hood that sets new standards in welding fume extraction for the individual design of your personal workplace. It not only makes it possible to listen to music, it also increases the degree of detection of hazardous substances during welding. In addition to other new developments, KEMPERbeats met with great visitor interest at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart.

Extraction hoods are the most frequently used technology worldwide for extracting harmful fumes, particles and vapours directly at their point of origin during welding. KEMPER GmbH went one step further with its new extraction hood: "With our new development, we are thinking beyond pure extraction", explained Björn Kemper, CEO of KEMPER GmbH. “KEMPERbeats creates a pleasant working atmosphere for welders, increases employee motivation and, ultimately, also productivity." At the same time, the solution encourages the use of extraction technology. And companies send positive employer signals to their employees regarding the workplace design of the future.

KEMPERbeats is an additional feature of the new KEMPER extraction hood. Behind it lies a special handle with Bluetooth loudspeaker. This allows employees to network the hood with any end device during their work and listen to their music even while the extraction system is running. Thanks to the individual music selection, welders can design their workplace according to their personal preferences. The loudspeakers are designed in such a way that employees at surrounding workplaces are not disturbed.


Higher capture rate thanks to new dimensioning

KEMPERbeats offers a further advantage: To ensure that their music always plays directly above the weld seam, welders must always reposition the extraction hood to the point where the welding fumes originate. The solution thus ensures optimum positioning and the capture rate increases, so that the hazardous substances can first be filtered. The dimensioning of the new extraction hood also results in a higher capture rate and easier handling for welders. The increase in the hose diameter to 180 millimetres increases the extraction performance by 30 percent and the capture rate by a further 20 percent compared to the previous KEMPER extraction hood. Due to its flange-shaped design, this hood already achieved capture rates up to 40 percent higher than conventional solutions. Welders now have to reposition the new extraction hood even less frequently. "20 years after developing our extraction hood – which is still unique today, we are setting new standards in welding fume extraction with our new development", emphasises Kemper.

The new extraction hood can be rotated 360 degrees and is easy to operate by hand, even with gloves on. Integrated above the extraction area rather than in the air flow, an energy-saving LED strip provides welders with an optimum view of the workpiece. The new bayonet lock for connecting the extraction hose ensures an effective seal and quick fitting. The new function of extraction volume measurement in the hood directly at the point of origin safeguards companies now for future legal standards. The new development will be available from the end of the first quarter of 2020.


Pioneering new developments

The response at Blechexpo was clear: In conjunction with KEMPERbeats, visitors saw the new KEMPER hood as a pioneering new development. At the same time, KEMPER presented other product solutions – especially in the field of local extraction. In the case of the torch-integrated extraction system of the new VacuFil family, the automatic adjustment of the extraction capacity on the basis of various torch features attracted great attention. In the field of mobile extraction units, the new SmartFil with a 25 m2 storage filter provides effective occupational safety at favourable conditions. The new WallMaster offers an easy-to-retrofit, wall-mounted filter solution for existing exhaust air solutions.

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