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Current events have a considerable impact on public life and the economy in our country. We have summarised for you how KEMPER has prepared for this, what consequences we are drawing from it and what it means for our customers and partners.

In these times it is more important than ever that we maintain open and transparent communication - within our own team and also with our partners.

A Corona Taskforce was set up at an early stage to supply all company locations with information, monitor supply chains, and decide on appropriate measures and implement them at short notice. Our primary goal is to ensure that we remain fit for work at KEMPER.

  • "Lock down" not "shut down." 

If everybody waits for everybody, nobody does anything.
Corona or not, we have integrity and energy. We're not panicking, but we'll use appropriate caution. We have already digitized a large number of processes in recent years and will learn in the coming months how much more is possible - online and digitally.

The only way we can protect ourselves and our economy now is for all of us to work at full speed to pursue our plans, projects and goals. Of course, we must take into account all measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. However, if we cancel appointments instead of, for example, meeting them online, and delay projects, we weaken ourselves and the entire economic cycle.

  • Home office and team separation

The health of our employees and their families is our top priority. We have taken measures to ensure this. Employees who can carry out their work from home, work in a home office. The same applies in particular to parents whose children have to be looked after at home due to closed schools or daycare facilities. 

In this way we have ensured the usual best possible KEMPER support for you and the team will be happy to answer your questions.
On KEMPER premises the individual teams act separately from each other, for example with their own entrances, sanitary rooms or coffee and water stations - this is how we minimise risks. Meetings within the company take place mostly online. KEMPER also provides additional technical equipment for this purpose.

  • We are of course online!

Due to the current situation we have to renounce travelling abroad and the reception of guests. All communication channels via telephone and digital media are available to you more than ever.
We wish our employees, you as our partners and all our fellow human beings the best of health and a cool head. 

Be safe.

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