Spark Seperator SparkTrap

SparkTrap reliably prevents sparks, coarse particles and even cigarette butts from entering the filter system - with nearly 100 percent efficiency. By attaching this pre-separator, filter life is also increased by up to 300 percent. The optional spark detection increases safety by allowing the filter unit to be switched off automatically when a limit value has been exceeded.

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  • Applications with an increased fire hazard
  • Presence of sparks
  • During welding, grinding or cutting processes
  • Integrated into duct work before extraction and filter units
  • Drastic reduction of running costs due to longer filter life
  • Easy integration also into existing systems of any type or brand
  • Savings resulting from less compressed air consumption and lower energy costs
  • Minimization of fire hazards by pre-separating sparks and glowing particles
  • Separation of sparks, glowing particles and cigarette butts
  • Swirl nozzle with annular gap spark trap
  • Can be combined with a spark extinguishing system
  • Dust collection container and gate valve in the downpipe
  • Stanchion support
  • Wall-mounting kit
  • Extracted air will be brought into rotation
  • Sparks and larger particles will be thrown towards the outside by the rotating air flow
  • Those particles will be separated and will end up in the dust collection container

Basic data

Pressure drop

max. 700 Pa


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