Welding Strip Curtain S9, Dark Green

Welding strip curtain for effective protection during welding and grinding, dark green

KEMPER welding strip curtains ensure high-level protection against radiation, spatter and welding arcs. They conform to DIN EN ISO 25980 and are flame retardant as per DIN 53 438 T2. The curtains are mounted on a tube or a C-profile.

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  • For separating individual work and factory areas
  • Protection against dangerous radiation from welding arcs and splashes
  • visual protection
  • Light dimming
  • Curtain can be moved aside due to fastening using eyelets or sliding hooks
  • Rugged suspension system due to reinforced eyelets
  • For fixing on a tube or a C-profile
  • DIN EN ISO 25980 certified
  • Reinforced eyelets for fixing
  • Various sizes

Basic data


570 mm


1 mm


dark green




DIN EN ISO 25980

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