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Are you looking for a practical extraction table with filter function for light welding and grinding tasks in your workshop?
Then our Filter-Table is the right solution for you. The extraction table is suitable for occasional to frequent use with small to medium volumes of fumes and dust. The table enables effective machining of parts, owing to its particularly large working area of 120 x 80 cm.
In addition, the complete work area can be used, as the dust and fumes are extracted from below the complete material support. On three sides, the table has robust steel plate protective walls, which are 40 cm high. These increase the coverage and guard surrounding workplaces against radiant heat and splatter. The area of the disposable filter is approx. 16 m² and the unit has an extraction throughput of 1400 m³/h at a mere 71 db(A).
The filter change via the servicing door on the front is particularly convenient. An aluminum mesh pre-filter acts as a preliminary separator and extends the working life of the main filter. The pre-filter also reduces the risk of a fire in the main filter. To neutralize odors, an optional active carbon insert is also available. So that no dust is stirred up from the floor, the cleaned air exits upwards on the back of the unit.
The robust extraction table, suitable for industrial use, can easily be moved and is fitted with feet that are adjustable in height, to compensate for uneven floors. We also offer the filter table in different supply voltages for various regions. 

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