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MaxiFil Clean is the mobile extraction unit for permanent application in welding. It is designed for large amounts of fumes and dust. 

With its with cleanable filter technology, it is the safest device for protection against welding fumes that are hazardous to health. The removal of dust is carried out absolutely free of contamination in the cartridges so that the user never comes in contact with the hazardous welding fume particles .  

MaxiFil Clean is IFA W3 certified. This means that you can use the device safely, even in the processing of stainless steel because the resulting carcinogenic nano-particles are securely and reliably filtered out of the air. 

The extraction of welding fumes is done with an optional 2, 3 or 4 meter-suction arm pipe or hose design. The arm can rotate 360 degrees, is particularly smooth and the specially shaped suction hood has a 40% larger extraction field and therefore does not have to be adjusted as often as other solutions. 

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