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The solid but at the same time very easy to move extraction arm is self-supporting and can be adjusted very easily using just one hand. Once adjusted, it can keep its position without requiring extra support.  Thanks to its comfortable trackability, it has great acceptance amongst welders. Unlike other extraction arms, we do not use resistance joints to hold the positions. Instead, several reliable springs in the extraction arm hold them in any position. Even after years of use, our extraction arms still function like on the first day. It is not necessary to re-adjust resistance joints.
The arm is also pivotable by 360 degrees. A flange-shaped cover on the sides prevents sucking in false air ,preventing it from reaching the air cone. The extraction hood therefore achieves a 40% higher extraction rate than traditional oval extraction hoods. The flange-shaped exhaust hood is aligned 100 % along the welding seam. This means less tracking for the welder and therefore more comfort. 
The hood can also be fitted with LED lamps. Better visibility of the workpiece leads to better welding results and supports the user when tracking the arm along the workpiece.

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