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Customer proximity despite distance: KEMPER uses AR technology for maintenance in lockdown


  • KEMPERvision starts in the middle of the Corona crisis
  • Live communication with customers worldwide via AR-glasses
  • High wquality of service through digital support


Tight customer support in the Corona lockdown? Using AR technology, KEMPER is one of the first to expand direct communication in the service area to its customers - and that completely contactless. In the midst of worldwide travel and contact restrictions, the extraction technology specialist introduces its KEMPERvision support offer. Previously used more for product development in large companies, the medium-sized company now communicates live with its customers via AR glasses. These send the images to the KEMPER headquarters in Vreden. There the service staff determine the need for maintenance or possible errors on the screen and instruct users.

The job of Thomas Schwabe could not be more difficult at the moment. He has been Head of After Sales & Services at KEMPER since the middle of 2019 and is currently experiencing how his service unit is being massively reduced. Up to now, direct customer contact was considered a quality feature par excellence in service. However, contact and travel restrictions to protect his employees and customers have severely curtailed on-site assignments. The result: service employees in the field who are no longer able to do their jobs.

But how close can you stay to your customers without being able to physically be with them? Smart service offers are more important than ever, says Schwabe:

"Along with these new developments for all of us, we are now also fully exploiting the added value of digitization in the service area. With KEMPERvision, we enable completely contactless customer support at an unlimited high level.


KEMPER is one of the few companies in the machine and plant construction sector that fully relies on AR technology. Up to now it is still considered a dream of the future in medium-sized companies. As a rule, large companies use AR systems to visualise production environments or to develop products across different locations. KEMPER is now leading the way in the industry when it comes to using AR systems for direct communication in customer service.


Live pictures from the extraction unit directly to Vreden

Whether from Germany, Europe or other continents: Using AR-glasses, users send live images from the extraction systems in their production directly to the screens at the headquarters in Vreden. Without being physically on site at the customer, KEMPER's service experts remotely determine a necessary maintenance requirement, discover possible faults or guide the customer in further questions.
On the one hand this is done via voice control. On the other hand, KEMPER employees fade in text messages, explanatory images, graphics or circuit diagrams in the field of vision of the AR goggles or place markers directly in the live images on the AR goggles. These are also suitable for use in heavy-duty applications and in indoor and outdoor areas. KEMPER delivers the AR-Glasses to its customers if required. Through the pre-configuration in Vreden, the customer simply switches on the glasses and live communication begins via plug & play.


Communication environment with high security level

The findings from the use of AR in the service flow into the scientific research project PersonA, in which KEMPER has been participating since the end of 2019 alongside various universities, research institutes and other companies. This project is concerned with the data protection compliant use of personal assistance systems such as AR glasses in a professional context. KEMPERvision is already creating a communication platform with a high level of security. 

The new service offer promises significant efficiency gains through fast reaction times and a higher effectiveness in customer support even beyond the corona lockdown. By reducing the number of service trips, the company is further implementing its commitment to sustainable action.

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