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Air Monitoring System AirWatch

For monitoring production halls and warehouses

AirWatch continuously monitors the air quality in production halls and warehouses using an optical, laser-operated measuring method. The measured values - including the number and size distribution of the fine dust particles - are stored in a cloud via mobile phone technology and can thus be displayed and evaluated anywhere on a PC, smartphone or tablet. An LED illuminated area (green, yellow, red) on the AirWatch itself indicates the air quality in the hall. In addition, AirWatch controls the room ventilation and extraction systems and thus ensures efficient use as required.

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Art. No.:   
390 200
  • Monitoring and documentation of air quality/dust concentration
  • Workstations, production halls, logistic halls and warehouses
  • Efficient control of room-ventilation and extraction systems
  • Control: Do you comply with the target values you have set yourself? Easy to read thanks to LED illuminated area (green, yellow, red)
  • Security: By documenting the data through detailed measurements and storing it in the KEMPER cloud.
  • Strengthening trust: Presentation of the effectiveness of occupational health and safety measures to employees at AirWatch itself, Smartphone, Tablet and PC
  • Energy cost savings: via the connection between AirWatch, Cloud and KEMPER room ventilation and extraction systems (need-based ventilation control of the systems)
  • Visual, laser-operated measurement methods
  • Individually adjustable limit values and alarm thresholds
  • LED light area to indicate the air quality on the AirWatch itself (green, yellow, red)
  • Fleet management via cloud connection
  • Extensive evaluation options in the dashboard
  • Displays particle count, size distribution, PM2.5, PM10, humidity and temperature on smartphone, tablet and PC
  • KEMPER-Cloud connection via mobile radio

Basic data

Dimensions (D x H)

128 x 340 mm


2.9 kg

Power supply

1x100-240 V, 50/60 Hz


10 W

Noise level

30 dB(A)

Radio standard



Quad-band GHz ISM

Measurement range

Particle size

from 0.1 μm

Dust concentration

0 mg/m³ to approx. 15 mg/m³

Datasheet (0.35 mb)