Wall bracket

Locking swivel arm for welding curtain or strip for mounting on walls and pillars

Wall and pillar-mounted pivoting arms with locking from KEMPER are suitable for flexibly separating work and factory areas by means of protective welding curtains or strips and are designed for mounting on a wall or pillar. The locking protects people and equipment against accidental dislodgement of the pivoting arm.

Price: €194.10 * Ex VAT
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  • For separating individual work and factory areas
  • For protective welding curtains and strips
  • Protection against dangerous radiation from welding arcs and splashes
  • Increased safety for persons and equipment due to locking.
  • Space-saving because the pivoting arm can easily be folded aside
  • Fast set-up of partition by simply unfolding the pivoting wall arm
  • Can be locked into position
  • Length 1.5 m and 2.0 m
  • Tube (1") for mounting
  • Mounting on a pillar or on a wall using a wall bracket
  • Various arm lengths

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