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The extraction unit and filter unit System 8000 or System 9000 is suitable for production halls with welding and grinding workplaces, training facilities or robot welding lines and can be adapted to your requirements. In the product video we present in 5 minutes all important characteristics and advantages.   

The two systems differ in particular in the size of the filter surface and the extraction capacity.
The System 8000 is particularly compact and space-saving. It is delivered ready to plug in, Plug&Play. The welding fume extraction system is available in many combinations up to a maximum capacity of 10,000 cubic metres of air per hour or a maximum filter area of 160 square metres.

The System 9000 is connected to this system. The largest version can handle up to 36,000 cubic metres of air per hour and has a filter area of 500 square metres. The system is assembled on site from individual modules.

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